My Linked In profile shows me as an “Experienced board level Director with 30 years of experience in Professional Services and Information Technology supplying to Public and Private sectors. A hands-on problem solver with a high and consistent rate of achievement, has the ability to assimilate new situations quickly, to develop solutions and plans and then deliver these solutions on time and within budget. Is experienced in working with global clients and with global delivery models. With contagious enthusiasm, she inspires confidence in clients and instills purpose and confidence in her team to deliver results.

Quite a mouthful!

What this really means is that I know how to harness the skills of individuals, to motivate them, to build teams, to spot market opportunities and to leverage and organise resources and people to build and grow profitable businesses.

I firmly believe that if you have a happy workforce and a clear business direction then you will build and grow profits.  Businesses spend a lot of time identifying and communicating business goals, setting objectives and cascading these messages tying individuals work objectives into the corporate goals.  It is rare for an organisation to even question whether their employees are “happy”.  Indeed the increase in the level of stress related illness would suggest that “happiness” levels are at an all-time low and this undoubtedly hinders profitable growth of a business.

James Cusumano in his book “Balance – The Business – Life Connection” puts this very well.  At an individual level it’s about finding your purpose and passion, stimulating your creativity and innovation to find true success and happiness.  Building a successful buisness is about inspired Leadership, creating an innovative environment and sharing success with all Stakeholders.  Put these two together and you get happy and motivated workers delivering profitable business outcomes,

My workshops look at an organisation from the “inside-out” built on the work of James Cusumano and Louise Hay.  Starting with the individual and what makes them happy.  What drives them to get up every morning and go to work.  What motivates them and how can they find joy in their daily work life.  Once an individual really understands this it is easier for them to see where they fits into their day-to-day working life and how their individual “happiness needs” can map to work objectives and therefore to the overall corporate goal.  For the Business looking at the right way to achieve success with inspired leadership, commitment to people AND profit AND a social return.  James Cusumano describes this well as the 3-P Bottom Line – People, Profit and Planet.  Like it!

I call this Managing Business with Heart and Mind.

If you’d like to find out more to see how you can drive profitable transformation of your business please contact me

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